Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OptiSource Introduces Super Hydro Edging Spray

OptiSource International has developed a non-pad solution for the edging of lenses that have a hydrophobic AR coating.  Since the advent of hydrophobic coatings there has been a challenge with getting edging pads to adhere to these slippery coatings throughout the edging cycle. This has led to the development of many “hydro-specific” edge blocking pads and film disc protectors which usually work with sporadic success and great expense.  OptiSource’s new Super Hydro Spray is simply sprayed on the lens and instantly air dried.  Then, one of the company’s economy-priced blocking pads is used for edging the lens.  After edging, Super Hydro Spray is easily wiped off.

 “Super Hydro Spray takes the slickness of the AR coating out of the ‘edging equation’ by covering it with a simple spray-and-dry solution that is coating-safe and designed to work with our standard edging pads”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource.  “Our spray-on technology is the advancement away from specialty blocking pads or lens protection discs, at a fraction of the price”.  Squicciarini also states, “As coatings continue to advance, Super Hydro Spray will be the solution to processing challenges, regardless of lens material, base curve, or edging machinery”.  

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