Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Bellport, NY:  OptiSource International has expanded its offering of the wildly popular, ultra- thin pince-nez style ThinOptics readers. The new addition of the “Always with You” line of readers is the new full-frame Frontpage Collection. Frontpage has two unisex styles: the rectangular “Brooklyn” and the round “Manhattan”.  “The original nose-style readers are super-handy for reading a page or two, but customers requested a style they could comfortably wear for an extended period of time”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “ThinOptics responded with a full framed reader that is impossibly thin and feather light”, continued Squicciarini. These full frame readers are an amazing two millimeters thin and weigh just nine grams; making them the thinnest and lightest reading glasses in the world. Each ThinOptics Frontpage reader includes a sleek four millimeter thin aluminum case that fits comfortably on the back of cell phones, tablets, or other mobile devices – continuing the brands heritage of always being with you; or easily stashes in pockets, purses or bags.  OptiSource is the exclusive optical distributor of ThinOptics products.

OptiSource Introduces its New ThinOptics Countertop Display  

Bellport, NY:  OptiSource International has launched a new countertop display for its exclusive line of ThinOptics readers.  The micro-thin “Always with You” reading glasses now has an eyecare-professional-exclusive counter display.  “The ThinOptics dealer program has been wildly popular with customers who became early adapters to retailing these viral reading glasses”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource.  “ThinOptics are the only reader brand and style that doesn’t compete with frame boards and has a built-in loyal customer base”, adds Squicciarini. The display holds twelve pair of two ThinOptics styles in assorted powers. It also includes a try on pair and a demo pair shown attached to the back of a cell phone – ThinOptics signature use. Designed with a small footprint and high impact graphics on all sides, this countertop display will quickly catch patient’s eyes and create another revenue generating area in practices. 

The Always With You Reading Glasses

Bellport, NY:  OptiSource International has been appointed the exclusive distributor of the wildly popular ThinOptics pince-nez style reading glasses for the US optical market. ThinOptics micro-size reading glasses are protected by several patents for their form, function, and utility. The superbly engineered micro-size glasses come in a sleek, slender pod case that conveniently sticks to the back of phone cases, mobile devices, or easily stashes anywhere you want. ThinOptics are also available in an amazingly clever keychain design. Whether you choose the pod case or keychain style, ThinOptics reading glasses are always there when you need them.

ThinOptics has already sold millions of units around the world, driving consumer awareness through their immense online presence.  “OptiSource is excited to partner with ThinOptics to expand their reach through our optical retail customers”, states Daryl Squicciarini, President of OptiSource International. “OptiSource and our customers know the value of offering optical customers access to in-demand consumer optical accessories”, adds Squicciarini. At just 2mm thin and feather-light, ThinOptics are ultra-flexible, bendable and come with an unmatched Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.