Tuesday, November 15, 2016


A remarkable, convenient & space-saving invention 

OptiSource is now the exclusive distributor of the Swinger® brand mirror. This two-sided, shatter-proof acrylic mirror features a 10-ft. retractable cord mechanism that can easily be installed to any drywall or drop ceilings. Swinger® allows optical stores to eliminate tabletop mirrors, freeing up their valuable counter space. The retractable cord allows the patient to adjust the mirror to the perfect height with a simple pull-down or push-up motion and to freely move it closer or further for their perfect focal distance. When not in use, the mirror is pushed up, out of the way. The Swinger® mirror is always available when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

“I got tired of running around my store asking: where are my mirrors?” states Kelly Shaffer, inventor of the Swinger® mirror and an Optician for nearly 30 years. “Besides adding the convenience and cool-factor to my store, I also gained back my valuable counter space to make more frames visible, unimpeded by bulky stand mirrors.” Her recent partnership with OptiSource is bringing this elegantly designed mirror to optical stores around the world. “After a soft launch at Vision Expo West this year, we saw firsthand how attendees were instantly captivated by the concept and recognized the convenience and space-saving solution this mirror could bring to their optical stores” states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Give AMD Patients What They Need: MPS+ AREDS 2 Formula

We understand that as an Eyecare Professional a main concern is to help your patients protect their eyes and keep them healthy. As you might know, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) affects millions of adults every year and it’s the leading cause of blindness in people 60 and older.

To help patients with AMD, the ECP chooses from a variety of supplements available in the market. Unfortunately, these products can be purchased anywhere: on the web, big-box stores, or pharmacies. To help you retain these sales, we now offer MPS+™ AREDS 2 Formula, which is ONLY available to patients through YOU – their trusted ECP.

MPS+ (Macular Protection Supplement) AREDS 2 Formula
This trusted formula is based on the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS 2), which is a 5-year clinical study completed by the National Eye Institute (NEI) in 2013. The main nutrients are Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamins C & E, Zinc, and Copper.

Offer your patients a trusted and affordable eye supplement TODAY! For more information call us at 1-800-678-4768 or visit our website. Use Promo Code MPS20 and receive 20% off the list price; offer expires soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

OptiSource Introduces RevitaLash® Advanced

OptiSource is now offering the award-winning and in-demand eyelash conditioner, RevitaLash® Advanced, to the optical industry. RevitaLash® Advanced is a breakthrough, category-leading cosmetic formula created to condition, revitalize, and beautify the eyelashes. The RevitaLash® brand was developed by ophthalmologist Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D. in 2006, for his wife whose eyelashes had become stressed, dry, and brittle. RevitaLash® Advanced has since gained millions of satisfied customers worldwide and continues its rapid growth into the optical marketplace with its partnership with OptiSource. 

“We are excited to offer a product whose brand has a compelling story behind its creation and whose customer satisfaction have a proven track record.” states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “With RevitaLash® Advanced, eyecare professionals will benefit from the multimillion-dollar beauty products industry. This easy to sell, easy to use product creates repeat foot traffic and brings in new customers while creating positive word-of-mouth referrals.”  

Monday, May 18, 2015

OptiSource Introduces Polarized MiniShades™

OptiSource has launched a new brand of polarized wayfarer style sunglasses for children ages 0 to 7+. These super cute Rx-able sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to young eyes and are made with a virtually indestructible rubber frame material and hinge design. Polarized Minishades also come with an unbeatable “Hide n’ Seek” Loss &Damage warranty: at any point should the child scratch the lenses, lose, or damage their MiniShades, the manufacturer will send a one-time replacement pair for free (plus $7.99 processing fee).  Each pair of MiniShades sells for $19.99 retail. The 22-piece counter top display is fun, compact, and highlights the unique benefits and replacement warranty.  

“Children’s eyewear and sunwear represents two profitable growth categories for many of our customers” states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “With MiniShades, children are getting the same polarized protection that adults prefer for enhanced sun protection, in a shape and material that makes them both fashionable and comfortable to wear”.

Monday, March 30, 2015

OptiSource Now the Exclusive Distributor of CliC® Optical

OptiSource is the exclusive distributor of CliC Optical, featuring the popular CliC magnetic readers. CliC’s popularity continues to spread around the globe with many celebrities and everyday people wearing these functional, fashionable, and Rx-able reading glasses. The patented design features a neodymium magnetic front connection and a built-in adjustable retainer that allows the reading glasses to be conveniently worn around the neck when not in use. They’re available in a wide range of styles and colors with powers ranging from +1.50 to +3.00.

“Our customers count on us to provide them with the in-demand accessories that other suppliers do not have access to”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. "Our partnership with CliC Optical now gives ECPs the opportunity to profit from a product that patients are actively looking for.” 

Monday, November 3, 2014

OptiSource Introduces Their New Job Tray Cleaner

OptiSource has developed another first-of-its-kind solution that removes dried polish from job trays, and restores them to like-new condition. Cleaning caked-up polish from job trays is a near-impossible task. Alternatives such as tray inserts, industrial washing machines, or replacing dirty job trays have been the only available options. With OptiSource’s new formula, the lifetime of a job tray is extended and the problem of scratching lenses from built-up polish is finally eliminated.  The new Job Tray Cleaner works instantly by using a simple spread-on and wipe-off process, and is good for both traditional and robotic-style job trays.

“Scratched lenses are a prolific pain-point for any surfacing customer”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “Our Job Tray Cleaner eliminates one more variable contributing to scratched lens remakes.” The new formula has been specially developed not only to remove dried polish from job trays, but also from any other polish-laden surface, making it a must-have for all labs.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

OptiSource Introduces Kodak Lens Folding Reading Glasses

OptiSource International has launched a new breed of folding reading glasses that combines quality and style under the trusted Kodak Lens brand. The compact folding reading glasses feature patented telescoping temples, resilient spring hinges, and comfortable built-in nose pads. The design technology allows the glasses to easily fold into the size of a Zippo® lighter and carried inside a stylish and durable Kodak Lens branded case. These are the only folding reading glasses in the market that can bear the name and lens technology of one of the world’s most trusted consumer brands.

“Kodak represents over 100 years of quality, innovation, and integrity” states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “Our Kodak Lens Folding Reading Glasses will bring our customers new add-on sales, especially for newly diagnosed Presbyopes that are reluctant to carry full sized reading glasses”. The Kodak Lens folding readers not only offer the ultimate in convenience and functionality, but they also look great with their unisex design. Squicciarini also states, “The secret to the elegance of the folding design is in the ingenious telescoping temples. They don’t require any bulky hardware or mid-temple folding”. The micro-size case easily stashes in pockets, purses, glove boxes, and more. Reading glasses are available in black, gunmetal, and brown in powers ranging from +1.50 to +3.00.

OptiSource is a leading provider of lens processing consumable supplies and eyeglass accessories.  Their extensive product line includes exclusive products such as: Snapit patented frame screws, Cobalt King blocking pads, All Off progressive marking ink remover, OptiPets eyewear holders, Titanium hand tools, and The Clear View family of personalized lens cleaning products.  Shop their thousands of items at www.1-800-optisource.com.