Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OptiSource Introduces Super Intermediary-Film-Pad (IFP)

OptiSource International has developed a second generation anti-slip film disc designated for the challenges of today’s and future hydrophobic coating developments. Lens and coating companies are pushing technology boundaries with higher surface contact angles, leading to slicker, more oil-resistant coatings. The Super IFP is a clear, thin film pad that has a specially formulated high-tack adhesive designed to grip to the smoothest, slickest, most oil-resistant surfaces; while its top side is designed to have any standard blocking pad adhere to it. After edging, the Super IFP is easily removed and leaves no residue on the lens.

OptiSource introduced the original IFP over eight years ago as one of the original solutions to edging hydrophobic AR coated lenses.  The IFP was ahead of its time, being a solid performing pad that many labs and ECPs have come to rely on to improve edging success and reduce breakage.  “Today’s super hydro/oleo phobic lenses are more advanced than just six-months ago” states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource.  “Edging pads have been challenged to keep up with these ever-changing coating demands.” Squicciarini also states “Our Super IFP Pad eliminates slippage while edging these lenses and provides a cost effective solution to the customer.” Due to its high-strength adhesive, Super IFP is only recommended for use on super hydrophobic and oleo-phobic rated coatings.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OptiSource Introduces Super Hydro Edging Spray

OptiSource International has developed a non-pad solution for the edging of lenses that have a hydrophobic AR coating.  Since the advent of hydrophobic coatings there has been a challenge with getting edging pads to adhere to these slippery coatings throughout the edging cycle. This has led to the development of many “hydro-specific” edge blocking pads and film disc protectors which usually work with sporadic success and great expense.  OptiSource’s new Super Hydro Spray is simply sprayed on the lens and instantly air dried.  Then, one of the company’s economy-priced blocking pads is used for edging the lens.  After edging, Super Hydro Spray is easily wiped off.

 “Super Hydro Spray takes the slickness of the AR coating out of the ‘edging equation’ by covering it with a simple spray-and-dry solution that is coating-safe and designed to work with our standard edging pads”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource.  “Our spray-on technology is the advancement away from specialty blocking pads or lens protection discs, at a fraction of the price”.  Squicciarini also states, “As coatings continue to advance, Super Hydro Spray will be the solution to processing challenges, regardless of lens material, base curve, or edging machinery”.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

OptiSource International has developed a universal camera-phone adapter for all conventional slit lamps. Instead of having to purchase expensive equipment to produce high-quality photographs of the anterior segment, the user can now attach an adapter to the slit lamp and obtain high resolution images using their smartphones. The adapter is an inexpensive solution that allows ophthalmologist’s to use their mobile device to upload, store and share their slit lamp clinical findings with other professionals.

“With the universal improvement in smartphone cameras it was time to release this highly sought after device”, states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource.“  The universal fit and function makes it easy to attach and insert/remove any smartphone in just seconds. The following elements are needed to take slit lamp images with a smartphone: 1) A camera with 5 megapixels or more, 2) Optimal illumination, and 3) The Slit Lamp Smartphone Adapter by OptiSource.